CyberAgra Application Services™ Ported to the .NET Framework

Midlothian, VA, USA, For Immediate Release, January 9, 2004 — CyberAgra, a leading software provider for agriculture, today announced the release of CyberAgra Application Services™ version 7. First developed at The Brill Corporation in 1995 (Windows version), and at Novus International in 1999 (Windows version), our software has reached its present form under our team of developers at CyberAgra. The applications are written in .aspx pages with code-behind using Microsoft .NET Framework. These pages are interpreted and run 100% on the server side which means that there is no need for any individual user installation. The system runs from any kind of computer (Windows®, Apple®, Unix®) at the company’s Intranet or Internet with no more than a browser.


1) Data Centralization. Data is entered directly and does not need to be transferred between remote locations and corporate database, thus eliminating the centralization problem.
2) Hardware and Software. The system runs 100% on the server side and therefore hardware and software maintenance (i.e. application upgrades, database upgrades, backups, etc.) is simplified.
3) Reduced Connection Speed Requirements. This "thin" model was specially designed for low speed connections. There is no need for expensive high speed wide area networks. It works at any connection speed ranging from 100-10 Mb/s LAN to any regular modem speed.
4) No Software Installation. There is no need for software installation. A password qualified user may retrieve flock information and graphs using a laptop and browser wherever a phone line is available.
5) Crystal Reports engine for applications produces several output formats including txt, pdf, htm, xls, csv, rtf, and doc.
6) Benchmarking. Due to standardized codification, rankings and efficiency comparisons are produced faster than using the traditional methods. Participation in the benchmarking program is optional.

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