CyberAgra Cattle Enterprise™

CyberAgra Cattle Enterprise™

CyberAgra Cattle Enterprise™ v2020.01.0121.2 is the latest major release of our fully integrated cattle enterprise recordkeeping system. Includes Production and Accounting of Replacement Stock, Breeding, Grow/Finish, Processing Plant, and Feedmill.

New features in this release include several resource optimizations for faster input/output, W3C conformance for all major browsers, and a new default intuitive user's interface for easy training and implementation.

CyberAgra’s applications have been fully tested in the field for 19 years and passed official Microsoft certified third-party tests including readiness for Windows® 10, .NET Framework 4.8 in Windows Server 2019, and SQL Server 2019 backend database.

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    Arrow Icon Most modern system in the industry. Arrow Icon Designed with cutting edge technology. Arrow Icon CyberAgra has developed packed software officially certified by Microsoft since March 2004.

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    Arrow Icon No need for any installation whatsoever to use the system. Arrow Icon Connect from anywhere and with any hardware: PCs, Laptops, iPads, Notebooks, Netbooks, Tablets, iPhones, Smartphones, BlackBerrys.

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    Arrow Icon Compatible with all internet browsers: Microsoft IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari, Netscape. Arrow Icon Compatible with all operating systems: Windows, Symbian, Mac OS X, iOS, Linux, BlackBerry OS.

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    Arrow Icon Advanced integration with enterprise infraestructure. Arrow Icon Active Directory handled Roaming Profiles and Single Sign On to keep all your passwords unified. Log in to all your applications at once.

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    Arrow Icon Optimized database access using fewer network resources allows for simultaneous connection of several thousand users. Arrow Icon Numeric or graphical report output to txt, pdf, htm, xls, csv, rtf, and doc formats.

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    Arrow Icon Highly scalable redundant servers used for mission critical uptime with easy centralized upgrade. Arrow Icon Convenient cloud application services or private cloud installation for enhanced security.

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    Replacement Stock

    This module presents data from group and tagged individual animals to monitor the status of replacement stocks. Reports summarize the entire growing herd at once or filter performance by pyramid, location, batch, and stage of production. The objective of this module is real-time monitoring of all production activities. All daily transactions are stored with their original dates and values and further analysis is conducted by compilation of weekly and monthly periods, as well as by grouping of multiple fields. Read more...

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    Breeding Herd Management generate information about individual animals and aid in herd analysis as a whole by listing individual animals that require attention. The list of Breeding Herd Reports includes: Group Mating, Farrowing, and Weaning Performance; Matings Per Service, Parity Distribution, Performance Monitor, Pig Deaths Analysis, Piglet Management, Pregnancy Loss Analysis, Productivity Analysis, Removal Analysis, Repeat Estrus, Breeding Group Performance, Current Status List, Raw Data Output, Farrowing Rate, etc. Read more...

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    These modules track group performance and cost data. The main components of the data are farm, house, group, and daily and weekly transactions. Group Data: Number placed, mortality, and current inventory. Weekly and cumulative feed consumed. Feed nutritional data (from Formulation System). Average pig weight and age. Number and total weight delivered to processing plant. Number, weight and type of condemnation. Cost Data: Pigs, Feed, Medication, Vaccination, Labor, Fuel, Service, Supervision, Housing / Equipment Amortization. Read more...

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    Processing Plant

    This application analyzes individual products and maximizes profits of the combined product mix. It tracks volumes and cost of production including pig cost, grow/finish cost, live haul cost, processing, and marketing costs. Margins are calculated on processed and second processing products. Product categories include whole eviscerated carcass, Chops (Whole or Cut), Boneless or Bone-In Hams, Ribs, Shoulders, Bacon, Pork Trimmings, Tenderloins, Boneless Loins, Hocks, Sirloin, Bellies, Ground Pork, and others. Read more...

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    Keeps feed mill accounting, ingredient and feed production inventories. Other features include order entry, low inventory alerts and a complete delivery schedule from placement to kill date which is prepared for each house. Schedules take into consideration several factors, for example bin capacity, delivery capacity, animals placed, mortality, expected feed consumption, etc. The schedules are dynamically adjusted each time an actual delivery is made, mortality posted or physical feed inventory updated by any of the integrated modules. Read more...

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  • "Our database has about 15,000 prospects, and we use CyberAgra CRM module to market our laboratory precision system. The online option has been very helpful to our staff because of the fact that they are never at the office."

    Bob Buchanan, Qualigen Inc.
  • "This is a great product. We only spend around 2 hours a week entering data and printing production reports. If we have issues/questions I can e-mail for help and they get fixed or answered right away."

    Trudy DeRemer, S&R Egg Farm Inc.
  • "We opted to host our own private cloud since 2004, and so far it has worked great. To me, the best feature is being able to compare bottom line financial results real-time with the ability of tracing back costs to live production and breeders."

    Freddy Alvarado, Pronaca