CyberAgra Application Services 7.1™ Passes Quality Control Test

Midlothian, VA, USA, For Immediate Release, March 12, 2004 — CyberAgra, a leading software provider for agriculture, today announced the successful completion of CyberAgra Application Services 7.1™ (Product ID#: Cy0402152925) test of Verified for Windows® Server 2003. The key test was conducted in Ballina, Ireland by VeriTest, a service of Lionbridge Technologies. Lionbridge offers competitive analysis testing in many technology sectors, including: Server and desktop platforms, O/S, Web server, file server software, ISP reliability/performance, etc.

Software Performance Testing: Performance testing assesses how well your software meets its stated performance goals. At Lionbridge, we take your application and push it to its limits, measuring the factors that matter to you most — the number of transactions per second, the speed of task execution, and the response to increased data volumes, among others.

User Acceptance Testing: All too often software products delivered by IT fail to meet customer expectations, especially with regard to quality. Lionbridge's User Acceptance Testing (UAT) addresses this issue by deploying the software in a "real-world" environment and testing the code against the original development requirements — making sure that the product plans are in line with customer expectations. This ensures that the functionality and performance of the product is validated prior to delivery and deployment, avoiding costly code changes downstream.

Fair Testing Practices: A VeriTest report always discloses the test objectives, results, and methodologies used to produce it. We take great care to follow the highest standards in our competitive analysis testing. We believe that integrity and disclosure benefit everyone involved in the testing process, and we are committed to these guiding principles.

Julie Loftus, Logo Certification Engineer
VeriTest Software Centre, Lionbridge Technologies
Emmet Street, Ballina, Co Mayo, Ireland

For more information about CyberAgra press here. For more information about Lionbridge press here.

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